The world needs this podcast. Thank you Kenny and Elle for giving us a place to talk about stuff that matters to us.

Brooklyn Lindsey

Had to pull over and take notes.

Jeremy Congdon

You know it’s a good podcast when you have to squeeze it into your staff meeting.

Jodi Blemker

I’ve been looking for a quality Youth Ministry podcast and this has been an answer to prayer! Filled with great information, insight, wisdom, experience, and humor. Really looking forward to many more of these!

Jayce Grefrath

Finally a cool and updated podcast exists for youth ministry.

Rev Rach

This podcast is the answer for all of the youth pastors like me that wonder if any other youth pastors have the same questions. If you’re involved or interested in youth ministry, don’t hesitate to subscribe to this podcast!

Dan Puz

Super Fun. Super practical. Just plain super.

Angie Gerrard

Kenny & Elle are just cool, awesome, friendly, wise, and normal youth workers who get youth workers. And this podcast has cool intro/outro music.

JZ (Jeremy Zach)

Finally a podcast for youth workers that’s practical, helpful, and answers the questions we’re looking for.

Joe Vacanti

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